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Чух, че нямате сняг, тук само повече ще става, тъй че щедро ще споделя.



Заповядайте 🙂



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Този пост идва до вас благодарение на Андрейко, който ми каза, че е време да напиша нещо.

С подкрепата на: ” Многлупости™ ”

The theme of this post is:

Weird Finnish sports.


Warning: This might be hard to comprehend.


  1. Mobile phone throwing. No joke, it’s an official sport here.  First competition was held in 2000 in Finland. Ever since there has been a world competition annually.
  2. Next stop. Sitting naked on an ants nest (a.k.a. Maailmanennätys muurahaispesässä). Something that i couldn’t even dare imagine before i heard of it. There is a world competition in this one also.  If the finn is too boring for you you can also see a russian fail at the same sport.
  3. Men pushing in a cart or a wheelbarrow (äijänkärräys). Can’t really describe this one, just see the gallery from 2009. BTW i am lucky enough to know the daughter of the bronze medalists from 2010…
  4. While i am on the theme of carrying the opposite sex. Try eukonkanto (wife carrying or woman carrying, as you do not necessarily have to be engaged). There are professional techniques on that. If you are interested in becoming ”A master in wife carrying” try this website.
  5. Floorball in swamp. For all the ”non-hockey” countries in the world (meaning everything except for North America, Scandinavia and Russia), floorball (sallibandy) is a weird enough sport itself. The easiest explonation would be that it’s hockey in a hall, of course it wouldn’t be exactly correct either, but who cares about details. Finns took it to another level practicing it in swamps and calling it suosähly.
  6. Swamp football. At least i do not have to explain what this is… Non the less the female competition looks like the ”hot scene” from an Yankee teenage movie. This, like many of the sports in this post, i can not guarantee is typical Finnish, but there is a world championship here. Also see the scottish version. Feast your eyes…
  7. Sauna, yes they made a sport out of that, but do not worry, the majority of Finns still consider it to be a relaxation method rather than a competition. Of course the world championship is held here… or at least was recently.
  8. Continuing with not so tragic events.  Potkukelkka deriving from the words potku – kick and kelkka – sled. Literally translated meaning kicksled. Rumor has it, there is a championship with those, i couldn’t find any info, so i can’t guarantee that, either way, enjoy.
  9. Reindeer skiing. No, they haven’t figured out a way to put the skiis on the reindeer yet, but if they could i’m pretty sure they’d try it. Either way. This is what i mean. But again it seems to not be only in Finland, as this race is held in Alaska, Yankees pick up quite fast.
  10. Boot throwing. Now this is serious business if you thought that IBTA stands for ”International Business Training Association” or ”International Baton Twirling Association”, or even ”International Brain Tumour Alliance” you are wrong. It actually stands for ”International Boot Throwing Association”.  There’s a website. Weirdly enough it’s in Finnish, English and ITALIAN, obviously they have some skills. I want to copy a text from the website which makes as much sense as this sport does to me: “Let’s take a pili-grip and do something silly! Let’s fly to the sky so high that you have tears flowing from your eyes and your heart is beating rocken’roll… And after the hip punch so hard that your hair is messed and your reason is lost you’ll relaxed enough to let you flow. Sport or sex – it’s up to you. Have you ever heard what is boot-throwing?”
  11. Snow crawling, for this one i only managed to get one picture. Not much more info.
  12. Snowshoe football. How come i never thought of this!?!? Tho by the looks of their website it’s a dead sport. sounds interesting enough. Again a world championship.
  13. Mosquito killing. I found this description in sie internetz sums it all up: With all of the lakes and woods, 35 species of  mosquitoes keep the country humming during the brief summer.  This has inspired the annual Mosquito Killing Contest, a timed event of 5 minutes with the champion causing the demise of 21 mosquitoes.  While this may be troublesome to Animal Rights activists, I have no problem with it.
  14. Air guitar world competitions supposedly also originated from here. Oulu to be precise.
  15. Kissing competition, this is not unique for Finland, but they made the rules their way.
  • First: Check how good you can suck. What could the test be? Sucking a litre of lemonade through a 1.5m long pipe.
  • Second: Going through an obstacle course, of course your lips have to be touching.
  • Third: You and your partner are tied up by the ankle and the wrist. One of you picks the other one up and than you kiss as long as the carrier can hold.
  • Finally, there are 4 judges and you are given the period of 2 minutes for ”freestyle kissing” you are being graded by harmony, tenderness, style and creativity.

There are a few more for which  i couldn’t find anything, therefore i didn’t post them. Like cursing competition where you just sit and outcurse each other and toilet paper throwing.

If this wasn’t an eyeopening experience, you should open your eyes…


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You would never believe where i live.!

Ok maybe you would….

But you can never know what lives in the neighbouring woods of Lapland.

You need the very best of hunters for that hunt.

You need the most silent of them.

You need the bravest of them.

You need the maddest of them all.

You need Rare exports. Don’t worry there’s a second one, to make it more clear.

The best is yet to come. They made a full length movie based on that. I am going to watch it.

Lawl Finland, lol Finland…

New toy

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I just decided to share my sauna knowledge with everyone, as i found out that finns have rather weird experiences with saunas around the world, so if you do not want to look foolish in their eyes and still want to talk about saunas, you might have to check this out, as it is quite informating and comes from finns themselves.

Let’s go, first i will tell you few bad experiences that people have shared with me, do not repeat them :).

If you by any chance have a sauna in your place, do not ever read a book there, or if god forbid you do that, please, please do not tell finns about it. Saunas are meant to be so hot that you sweat, if you sweat you ruin your book, if you could read a book there, it wasn’t hot enough. Also applies for any for of a thing on you.

This reminds me, i believe i should of started with this one, sauna is the only place you are more than allowed to be naked, clothes are considered almost an offence (yes, even swimming suits). You mostly go there with people from the same gender, or your family, or if you are a teenager with all your friends, it is nothing even close to a tabu, nakedness that is.

You normally shouldn’t have any form of carpets inside the sauna, you can have something like a mat just where you sit, for comfort, but not an expensive carpet in the middle of your sauna….

Sauna is over 70 degrees. Before that it’s just called – Sahara.

Now some stories.

First one – some Swedes do not use kivi (rocks) and keep the temperature relatively low – 50 degrees. Which as i’ve already mentioned is NOT a sauna, it’s not even as hot as Sahara. And with no kivia the heat is really temporary.

Korea, Seoul. Expensive hotels, 3 saunas, all extremely hot and some of them with a high humidity. Over 100 degrees is an unhealthy sauna… but still a sauna.

Americans, come see their friends in Finland. They are invited in a sauna. Everything is ok, they enter, they see the termometare it says 100 degrees. Americans asked panickly: IS THIS CELSIUS ? Finns answer calmly – Yes. Why ? Americans run away in fear. Later they explain that all finns are stupid as in 100 degrees celsius you boil. Finns didn’t even comment on this one. Just to make it clear, in sauna you do not boil, not if you are not in a sauna competition but more about this later on.

Finnish people’s comment on Japanese ”saunas” – THEY ARE NOT SAUNAS.

So back to real finnish saunas. As far as my knowledge goes there are 2 main types of saunas. The electric one, which most finns use in their homes, as it is easier to warm up. And the typical wooden heated once. As far as my experience goes the wooden heated once are sooo much better. Most finns agree. Also if you have them nearby a lake it is amazing. And there is a special way to go to a wooden heated sauna that i haven’t tried yet. The sauna is heated for the whole day, with no ventilation and it is completely smoked (from where the name of it comes – smoked). The sauna oven has to be special and with more kivia so the sauna stays heated for longer periods of time. The smoke of course is poisonous and they all go in and die… no they ventilate the place before they go in, and legend says it is an amazing experience. A wiseman once told me that there is nothing compared to a smoked sauna the morning after… Maybe i will be blessed enough to try that.

About sauna contests. It went like this. Sauna was 110 degrees. They poured a bucket of water on the stove every 30 seconds. This means the humidity is around 95% all the time. Talking about boiling alive… they stayed for 6 minutes. One of them is dead the other one still in koma.

Three things you never talk about in a sauna.

– Sex.

– Politics.

– Religion. 

Summation. Sauna is healthy and great. Except if you are having a contest in it. Than it is deadly or at least NOT healthy.


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Weird name for a blog post isn’t it?

The purpose of this blog was to keep YOU informed on what’s happening with me. I dare to say, i failed miserably.

So let’s try again 🙂

I’ve been going around town, school, family gatherings, parks, climbing walls, etc.

I found myself a great place to climb and that makes me extremely happy. So does the fact that i finally slacklined a little, before the autumn rain and winter snow take that opportunity away from me. I have fun in school, signed up for the greatest of subjects like photography, arts, journalism, something about expressing ourselfs and so on, and so on :).

Life as a whole has been nothing but nice to me. Stimulating, pushing me to be innovating, as a whole a good teacher, and i try to follow, try to be a good pupil :). I plan on being nothing, but nice to life also. Shall i say it? Karma. Haha.

I have a library card. With that peace of paper you can borrow books, movies and music- extremely useful and priceless. Literally, without a price.

I’ve had inspired thoughts, or as you might call them – ideas. SO i am enjoying myself. I live in some dream world, somewhere in my mind.

My hgost family has been very nice to me. I went to yet another sauna. I’ve been in 6 different saunas, since i came here, in each at least a few times. Good conversations emerge, new things to learn and almost always people to teach you.

I might as well make a post on saunas themselfs, it wil probably be long and not completely full, yet i know a lot about them now, i can teach YOU : =).

I decided i will have a summation of every post i make from now on, so if you only want to know the idea and not the details you can just scroll down.

Summation :

I am confused, as any teenager. I am happy confused, as just a few teenagers. I feel like i am on drugs, as many teenagers. I am not on drugs, as just a few teenagers 🙂

Protected: Purpose

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Helsinki day 2 and 3

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I was a complete tourist for 3 days in Helsinki, had a blast. Well at least as much as i could anyway 😀

Day 2 started with a look for a church in a rock, yes you read correct. Well it failed as i went to the wrong rock. As much as i was looking around it, never managed to see a hole big enough for a church. Whatever after two tours around the rock i decided i will skip for the day.

Went to the Sibelius monument, which was nice and full of tourists, i found a perfect place to sit and relax between a few trees and think about it, whatever it was 😀

I walked some more and i found the happiest man in Finland. Made me smile when i saw him.

Walked all around t he place and finally got to the National museum. This is definitely an astonishing place i need to rest a little and visit it again. (BAY DA WAY do not drink bubble water and eat chocolate if you’re hungry, it doesn’t work out too great for your stomache, i almost threw up watching the war hammers finns used around 4000 years ago and it wasn’t out of disrespect).

Next day i went around some parks, unfortunately i didn’t take too many pictures. I went to the tower next to the olympic stadium from 1952. I saw all of Helsinki, enjoyed it, eventhought it was extremely windy.

Lastly i went to an art museum, there was an exhibition of one painter who died recently, it was free. After half an hour there i found out that the artist made a huge change in his drawings and devoted himself to drawing the same type of vase after 1973, before that he was drawing another one. I was thrilled with my discovery and went all around the exhibition to confirm it. Only on one picture he proved me wrong as he drew that vase in 1939 as well. My conclusion was that he liked it very much in his younger ages and than he forgot it. When the midlife crisis hit him, he remembered and devoted himself to drawing it and the same chair from different angles.

After 40 minutes in that place i found out i am not meant for an artist or a painter or any of these as it was ugly and pointless in my eyes. At least what he did. Went to the book store inside the museum, found some nice books for photography. I did enjoy those.

Helsinki gave me decent weather and provided me with free museums, i say kiitos.


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SOOOO, long story short i moved, from my first host family to a temporary one and i am moving to a more constant one on friday.

I now live in Espoo. Second largest city in Finland, after Helsinki and at approximately 5 minutes by bus from where i live.

They said this is not a traveling programe. I say they are wrong as i’ve done nothing but travel so far.

Whatever, this is a post about bears.

I once wrote a story about bears. It was called: (almost) Eaten by bears. It was after i had spent a night in a mount back in Bulgaria. It was all about how everybody said i would be eaten by bears at that place. i never ever heard bears there, nor wolfs, tho i did sleep with my knife on my chest with my right arm on it the whole night. Crazy part was every time the wind blew i almost thore my tent apart trying to kill the invisible wolfs that might be stalking me.

Turns out it’s the bulgarian bears that are actually stalking me. Or all bears as a whole. I will try to explain. As far as i understood, these bears represent somehow peace and equality from around the world. They are put on main squares around the world so people could see. What people see is what artists in BERLIN have made. For example the bulgarian bear i guess was not made by a bulgarian, as this is what was written under it. Artists name was so unbulgarian. I leave this for you to decide. I have to say that no finn gives a fuck about those, it’s a parade of the foreigners over there. And there was Einstein of course… No good public event can go without Einstein

Watching over the bears was the dome (the Helsinki cathedral) The biggest (as far as i know) lutheran christian cathedral in Finland. I ran away from the bears and the religion, was too much for me.

I went to the orthodox cathedral. Looked nice. This is what they saw when they left their church, the dome…

I went around, went to the modern art museum in Helsinki. This is what modern art is, this also and maybe this. I find the last one usefull as a lot of people are asking themselfs ” Where am i? ” purely from time’s point of view. This helps. I love the pikatchu doll, makes the atmosphere more artistic you know 🙂

This is how a sink in the museum of modern arts looks like, it works.

This is goodbye in another language. See you after tomorrow’s Helsinki voyage.